Non-binary in Huddersfield

Stark raving mad.

A 25-year-old from Huddersfield has implored people to help them become comfortable in their own skin by donating money for life-changing gender reassignment surgery.

Pan Hollingworth, who was born in Leeds and moved to the West Yorkshire town in 2010, came out as non-binary 10 years ago after previously identifying as genderqueer.

They realised during childhood there was a “disconnection” with either gender as they did not conform to being male or female. After researching online, they then found a term which they could relate to.

“I was online quite a lot as a 16-year-old and I just came across this phrase,” Pan said. “I came out as genderqueer first as I knew I wasn’t a girl but also that I wasn’t a boy.

So then what surgery is required? If you’re neither then what surgery can you possibly “need” in order to match your chosen Gender Idenniny?

Maybe the idea is just to chop off everything that protrudes, and seal up everything that opens? So a non-binary assigned male gets his bits chopped off and a non-binary assigned female gets her bits sewn up (much as in FGM) and her tits chopped off? The aim is the doll under the clothes look? That smooth immaculate band of plastic between the legs?

Assessments with clinicians cost up to £300 each time, with surgery costs set to be as much as £9,000. To help with the costs, Pan is asking people for help in their fight to raise enough money for “top surgery” which will entail a double mastectomy or chest reconstruction surgery.

So Pan can’t get the annoying tits chopped off on the NHS?

“It would be unbelievable if people could help and it would mean the absolute world,” Pan said.

“It is so important and there are tons of people that are creating GoFundMe pages and I’m just one of them.

“It’s massively important for people to get the health care they need, especially with the NHS underfunded and understaffed.”

Well yes, it is important for people to get the health care they need, but cutting off healthy breasts because the breasts-haver claims to be “non-binary” is not actually health care.

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