Guest post: Bona fide occupational qualifications

Originally a comment by maddog on Lesbians with penises.

it’s denying the reality of the existence of trans-women, in fact all trans-people

Wait, what? Recognizing that women don’t have penises, and that woman/woman sexual orientation is penis-exclusive is “denying reality” now? WHAT f”ing “reality of the existence of trans women” makes them at all relevant to a group that is exclusively women/women related, and has no connection to, interest in, or reason to consider penis-people at all?

Trans-women are women. Full stop.

That’s just flatly not true. By definition, only men can be “trans women.” Trans women are men. The penis is sort of a giveaway about that.

It’s baffling that (LGB Alliance) don’t accept that …

It’s not a bit “baffling.” What’s truly baffling is how these buffoons can say with a straight face — and not be immediately laughed out of the room — that men, mostly fully intact bepenised men, can be any kind of woman at all. It’s a charade, an unbelievable one at that, to pretend that a man is a woman if he says so.

Trans and gender-diverse people … have long been an integral part of the broader community.

I don’t believe that’s true, but even if it is, so what? See that little phrase at the end? “…part of the broader community”? That part right there? The “lesbian” group is a smaller portion of the whole. It is a narrower part of the community. You may be part of the “broader community,” but that doesn’t mean that you are in every narrower subgroup. If there were an event intended for gay men, lesbians would necessarily be excluded, for example. Ever heard of BFOQs, in the labor context? That stands for “bona fide occupational qualifications,” and is a recognized exception to the general rule of equal opportunity in employment without regard to color, creed, sex, race, national origin, religion, and so on. There are some jobs in which, for instance, only a person of the same religion can perform the proper duties of the job. Some jobs may be sex-specific, if there is a genuine reason for that exclusion. The social and political events at issue here are not jobs, but the situation is analogous. There is a bona fide reason the event is sex-specific to women. Being part of a “broader community” is not an entry ticket to every subgroup that makes up the broader community.

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