Guest post: It’s not a myth

Guest post by Josh Slocum

Some people I know and respect have protested that academia is not in the grips of increasingly Maoist “liberal/progressive” young people. They say that it’s a right wing overreaction to isolated incidents. They then point out all that the right wing is doing to ruin the academy and strip colleges of funding.

Let me deal with the second claim first.

Yes. It’s a fact that corporatist politicians have slashed the budgets of our colleges and universities. Yes. I deplore it. Like you, I recognize it’s a huge institutional problem.

But as for “lefty madness is an isolated incident,” I part company with you. In fact, I think you’re dangerously wrong. Just wrong, not malicious. I’m not questioning your character.

But I am saying I think your emotional allegiances misguided you in this case, and that you cannot see a real emergency.

It cannot be the case that liberal-leftie outrage/infantilism, and all the pro-trans nonsense is “just isolated.” It can’t be true that “Most college experience isn’t like that.” It can’t be true that “most liberal arts colleges don’t have these problems.”

That is not believable. I know three separate undergraduate students at Smith, independent of each other. They have all told me privately that it’s dangerous there to question transgender activism. Did you know how many women at Smith are getting mastectomies? One friend noted last week by email—‘there are zero lesbians here.’

My own alma mater, Sarah Lawrence, has been entirely taken over by trans politics. And by “revolutionary” shit-head kids with money who are demanding things like free laundry soap, and taking entire academic buildings hostage while doing it.

I have classmates from SLC who will only speak about this to me in whispers privately. Some of them have lost their jobs in the arts community for being “TERFs”. I would be instantly banished from a reunion if I showed up.

And this is just my personal slice of the world. You can read the reports that are there for all of us to see and it’s obvious this is happening on campuses nationwide.

Trans-progressivism has warped the liberal arts academy beyond recognition. It’s not a myth.

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