Guest post: No trace left

Originally a Miscellany Room post by Sastra.

Well, it appears I’ve finally been banned on Friendly Atheist, presumably for arguments I was making on a post about transgenderism. And what I’m guessing is 5 years of comments have all been marked as “spam” and completely erased. There’s no trace of me left. It is as if my very existence is being denied. Heh.

I’m not sure who banned me; it could have been a new moderator, or one of the other people who post articles on the site. I’ve written to ask, and questioned the spam designation elsewhere. I’m not terribly surprised, but do wonder why the absolute blackout, and not even a suspension or, best compromise, making any trans-related comment of mine only viewable when clicking (to avoid triggering the sensitive.)

I’ve been very, very careful with what I’ve said re Trans on FA. No personal attacks on others; no “misgendering” or discussions on hot button topics like bathrooms; no signs of my being angry, hurt, frustrated. And my arguments were all focused on the highest level — on basic concepts from which all else derives. Gender Identity Theory. I did that partly because that’s where the heart of the issue lies, and partly because I figured it would bore those who wanted to attack on the more personal level. My overall purpose was to persuade, of course, but my practical purpose was to help others understand the opposition, and hopefully recognize that disagreement isn’t hate.

I went out with a bang. Here’s the last thing I was allowed to post:

Glad to hear he’s better.

I, too, got the Moderna shots. I’ll be masking up again, and waiting for them to come out with an effective booster.

These “personal choices” the covidiots are making manage to escape the personal area, and it’s equally frustrating and frightening.

And here’s the last thing I wrote on the trans topic:

No, an idea can be theoretically testable and still suffer from conceptual problems. For example, the existence of God. Atheists can come up with miracles which would be hard to explain without God — the stars rearranging themselves into the words “I am God” and observed by all, say — but there’s still contradictions in a definition with the Omnis, and still a lot of vague hand waving and incoherence. These conceptual problems might take precedence, for a definitive miracle still leaves us with a confusing understanding of its source.

For those who endorse GIT, the very “central point of transgenderism” is Gender Identity. If this central point falls apart under any sort of genuine skeptical or critical examination, that’s not good.

(Edited to add: And there would still be a serious problem regarding what I put as the third point: “Gender Identity, not sex, is what makes someone a man, woman, both, or neither.” Replacing sex with gender requires its own support, and brings in a lot of conflicts involving rights.)

So abusive. Tch.

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