Hang on a second

There’s an odd thing about Matt Dillahunty’s trans dogma though.

Ok so trans women are women in the sense of having (or being or living or some other verb) female gender, but not in the sense of being of the female sex. But in that case, what makes it ok for trans women “to access spaces where women and girls are undressing, such as changing rooms?” How does gender, a social construct, make that safe and reasonable?

And for that matter, how can someone who concedes that trans women are female according to gender but not according to sex also say flatly that trans women are women? How can it be that simple and self-evident and absolute? If women are women physically as well as socially while trans women are men physically but women socially, why are we called terfs for saying that that difference matters? If Dillahunty himself concedes that trans women are not physically women then why is he so abrupt and belligerent and absolutist that all the same they are women so shut the fuck up?

It doesn’t really make any sense. I mean even in his terms it doesn’t make any sense.

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