Harshing Prior’s mellow

Excellent post by Lily Maynard on The Curious Case of Marion Millar.

It’s all good; I’ll just whet your appetite with her take on Joss Prior:

Joss’s attack on women is a triple whammy, the epitome of bigotry – attacking women for their age, their politcs (entirely speculative) and their perceived intellectual capacity.

I imagine Joss’s idea of a feminist protest would have been a parade of 20-year-old bikini girls sporting full make-up and perfectly coiffed hair, chanting ‘transwomen are women!’

While explaining astrophysics to the people in the bleachers.

Prior- no spring chicken himself- is also disparaging about the number of women in the photo. I’m told that others were present who were not photographed, but bloody hell –   just yesterday someone was threatening to shoot gender critical women with a ‘gun’! It’s pretty damn brave that these women dare show their faces at all! And with just six day’s notice, on a week day, when most women are either at work or have kids to ferry to and from school. In the middle of a pandemic. And where, exactly? Central Edingburgh? No: Coatbridge. A town in the lowlands of Scotland, about nine miles outside Glasgow. I’ll just hop on my bike…

For Women Scotland tell me, “It was just some friends and supporters outside the police station, so not really a protest as such.”

My favourite response was an… ahem… old photo of Prior in formal dress with the caption ‘bored, middle-aged dullard’?

If that seems harsh, bear in mind that Prior was not above doctoring a picture created by The Famous Artist Birdy Rose to make it look as if she had drawn Millar giving a Nazi salute.

It’s difficult to be harsh enough to Joss Prior.

H/t Sackbut

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