Hill goes, Greene stays

I’d forgotten about Katie Hill.

Arwa Mahdawi points out that we’re probably stuck with Marjorie Greene:

What do you do with someone like Greene? Like Donald Trump she’s desperate for the limelight: giving her any kind of attention is giving her exactly what she wants. Not to mention, when you amplify her beliefs you risk spreading them. At the same time you can’t just ignore Greene. The woman is dangerous and should not be in Congress. On Wednesday, the Democratic California congressman Jimmy Gomez announced he was drafting a resolution to expel Greene from the House of Representatives, noting: “Her very presence in office represents a direct threat against the elected officials and staff who serve our government.”

Direct meaning literal, physical, blood spilled threat. She carries a gun and we can’t be confident that she wouldn’t open fire on her colleagues.

It’s unlikely that Gomez’s resolution to expel Greene from the House will be successful: expelling a democratically elected member of Congress is a rare step that sets an uncomfortable precedent. It would need the support of all the Democrats and about 70 Republicans to succeed. But Gomez’s resolution shouldn’t even be necessary: the Republican party ought to be forcing Greene to resign. If Greene [were] a Democrat who had endorsed political violence the Republicans would have demanded her resignation already. I mean, Katie Hill, a Democrat, was forced to resign after she was accused of having a relationship with a staffer and nude pictures of her were published online.

That’s what I’d forgotten – the forced resignation of Katie Hill.

Mind you she wasn’t literally forced, but her life was being made such hell that she felt forced. Nobody is making Marjorie Greene feel that way. On the one hand a Democrat’s ex-husband gives naked photos of her to the press; on the other hand a Republican abuses shooting victims and colleagues while bragging about how heavily armed she is.

Can we throw out “Karen” and replace it with “Marjorie”?

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