If you think feminism implies anything else

Sackbut alerted us to Roy Speckhardt’s piece on signs you’re having unapproved thoughts. The piece is…flawed.

Even humanists, despite our commitment to critical thinking, are susceptible to disinformation campaigns, especially when we aren’t fully up-to-speed on the latest scholarship and are unaware of the campaigns calculated to use us to advance in-humanist agendas.

First sentence, and already…

This is style rather than substance, but style matters, dammit. It’s not “up-to-speed.” It’s just “up to speed.” There’s no rule that says all familiar phrases require hyphens. Decent writers avoid bonehead mistakes like that because they’re annoying. One of ten signs you’re an annoying writer: you insert meaningless hyphens where they don’t belong.

8) You think the word feminist excludes/antagonizes men.

Feminism is the advocacy for political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.

No. That would make feminism just as much for and about men as it is for and about women. No, feminism is a movement to end the subordination of women. The clue is in the “fem” part.

The rest of item 8 makes clear why he started with that stupid wrong manipulative definition.

Modern feminists recognize the need to elevate marginalized gender identities and the intersectional impact of race and gender. If you think feminism implies anything else, that suggests you’ve accepted sources for your information that are not credible.

Fuck off. Feminism has nothing to do with “marginalized gender identities,” whatever those even are. Feminism is for and about women, period. Men don’t get to bounce up to us and tell us it’s for everyone. And as for sources that aren’t credible – where did he get his idea that feminism isn’t for and about women? Who told him that “modern” feminists think it’s about “marginalized gender identities”? Look to your own sources, chum.

4) You fail to see the harm in questioning the validity of transgender identity.

Again – two can play at that game. You fail to see the harm in telling feminist women to focus on “transgender identity” instead of our own concerns. You also fail to see the harm in repeating stupid jargon about “validity” and “gender identity.” Men are not women, and feminists should not be bullied into thinking we have to “validate” men’s claims to be women. You’re not the boss of us.

What’s the difference between a member of the Flat Earth Society and those who seek to continuously question transgender identity? Both question facts people have long accepted for years, but the latter are contributing to a deadly environment where transgender people are facing bullying, harassment, rape, and murder over their identities.

That’s just embarrassing. People – all people? – have “long accepted for years” that men are women if they say they are? No they haven’t. Some people have signed up to the ridiculous belief system, and some pretend they have because they’re afraid not to, but most people still understand that men are not women. And declining to believe or repeat that men are women if they say they are is not comparable to believing the world is flat. Just for one thing nobody can take a plane from New York to London (or wherever to wherever) and look out the window and see that men are women if they say they are.

Let’s accept people’s self-identification when it isn’t harming us or others.

Dude, it is harming women. Try paying attention to us for five minutes. In any case no, let’s not – not without a lot of further particulars. Let’s not just blindly “accept” other people’s fantasies, because hello, remind you of anything?

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