New improved feminism

Hey, what do you know, feminism is no longer a movement for the liberation of women, it’s a movement for the liberation of everyone. All lives matter.

At least that’s according to this genius. She explains that there are two kinds of feminism, one of which is the boring dreary old historical kind that was about the liberation of women, and the other of which is the hot new kind that’s so much better than that.

There’s also another way that “feminism” is used and that’s to refer to a broader movement. So “feminism” might also refer to what we do here at Everyday Feminism: the fight to end all kinds of oppression. So this may or may not be directly regarding women. Women will certainly gain freedom if oppressive systems are dismantled, as women are still oppressed in many ways due to their identities as women; however feminism as a broader movement is interested in freeing all genders and agender people from all oppressions. So it’s a movement that focuses on more than gender-based oppression against women.

Is it? Why? Why does it do that? Why does it call itself feminism if that’s what it does?

Why can’t feminism be about the liberation of women? Why are women the one group who are expected to move over and stfu and make room for everyone else? Why are there women who call themselves feminists who buy into this shit? Why is Everyday Feminism so idiotic?

Magdalen asks the same questions.

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