If your claim to feminism

Putative feminist puts her putative feminism to work standing up for men again.

If your claim to feminism includes telling feminist women not to focus on women but instead to focus on men who claim to be women, your feminism is moronic and you should feel like a damn fool.

But instead, putative feminist feels confident and clever enough to keep right on telling feminist women to focus on men who claim to be women.

Ahhhh that’s nice isn’t it? It’s not the man’s fault for getting naked in a women’s changing room, it’s the teenage girl’s fault for perceiving that a man is next to her and naked. The man has every right to get his dick out, the girl has no right to notice that he’s done so. He’s not intruding and perving, she is.


But how does anyone know who is which?

The determined stupidity is hard to believe. The determined transfer of feminism from women to men who call themselves women is enraging.

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