Just to clarify

But, no, we really don’t know that. How could we?

But even if we assume that’s true (and crystal clear, and easy to understand, and universally acknowledged), how does anyone know who is which?

This is surely a very basic question, and it seems to be one that no trans “ally” will answer. It sure as hell seems that Laurie Penny will never answer it.

Just to clarify, nobody can tell who is which.

It’s not? What did she say?

Well, ok, she didn’t say “she’s rude for staring,” she said “I’d advise her not to stare at other people’s genitals without their permission, because it’s rude.” It’s not the identical wording, true, but the meaning? The meaning is the same. I think Laurie Penny is the one who is being “silly” here.

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