Incarceration and identity

When laydeez are a little dangerous

A convicted murderer and sex offender from British Columbia, Canada has been denied parole after seeking release from prison shortly after identifying as transgender.

Roger Dale Badour, 73, is currently serving a life sentence for the fatal shooting of a woman in 2011. Badour had been living on the property of Gisele Duckham, 56, at the time of the murder. Following an argument, he fatally shot her, hid her body, and then fled.

At the time, Badour was out on parole and supposed to be living in a halfway house in Victoria, British Columbia on conditions of ceasing contact with women. This condition came after Badour was released into the community from a 7-year prison term for the brutal sexual assault of a pregnant woman.

I guess they weren’t enforcing the “no contact with women” part very well. Or the “live in this halfway house” thing either.

Since identifying as a woman, Badour has already claimed his newfound gender identity has led to him being mistreated on his living unit in a male penetentiary. The question many are asking is whether Badour could potentially be transferred to a women’s prison due to Canadian self-identification laws.

I wonder if Badour self-identifies as not a murderer of women now.

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