Hack letter

There’s an open letter. Of course there is.

It’s a barely literate open letter, I must say.

An open letter to the BBC regarding an article published by Catherine Lowbridge

Dear BBC Upper Management and Editorial Staff,

The day this open letter is being written (26th October 2022), you published an article on the BBC News website by Caroline Lowbridge titled ‘We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women’¹.

Wait. Is it Catherine or Caroline?

You’d think they would at least get that straight before starting to type.

The article headline may use the word “some”, but the clear implication of the article and its headline is that transgender women as a minority group pose a threat to cisgender lesbians, and should therefor have their rights restricted in the UK.

Which rights? There is no “right” for men to try to bully lesbians into having sex with them. Which “rights” would have to be restricted to keep men from bullying lesbians for sex?

Do you mean the entirely fictitious “right” to lie about what you are and be believed? Not a right, pal.

The implications proposed by this article suggest that transgender women generally pose a risk to cisgender lesbians in great enough numbers that it is newsworthy, and something the general public should consider as a common occurence rather than a matter of incredibly rare, isolated experiences.

Define “incredibly.” Also, implications aren’t “proposed.”

Additionally, the article itself acknowledges that outside of this small sample size self selected study there is basically no evidence for the claim that this is happening in any sort of numbers that would justify generalising this as a widespread experience.

In other words “we claim that this happens only a little bit, therefore nobody should pay any attention to it at all.”

The article itself routinely implies that transgender women are not women, uncritically quoting people who call transgender women men without at any point clarifying that this is ignoring their legal status as women in the UK.

Even the law can’t actually make a man a woman. The law can declare a man a trans woman, but declarations don’t change anyone’s sex.

Also, there’s an ever-growing number of men who call themselves women who don’t fit the legal criteria, but we’re ordered to call them women regardless.

The fact that the people cited in this article largely do not acknowledge that transgender women are women, by refering to them as men, should make it clear that they are not representative of the wider community of cisgender lesbians.

When men bully women for sex, the women tend to see those men as men. It’s a hard habit to break, and many of us have no fucking intention of breaking it.


A transgender woman with a deep voice, a square jaw, and a penis that you do not want to have sex with is not a man. She is a woman that you don’t find attractive.

It’s sheer poetry.

The above cited woman also notes she would feel the same if the transgender woman in question had lower surgery. So, she would still feel that a transgender woman is a man, even if said woman had a vagina rather than a penis.

No, sport, because an inverted penis is not a vagina. She would still feel that the trans-identified guy is a guy.

There’s a lot more. It’s a very diffuse, wordy, pompous, boring letter. Trans dogma not good for the verbal skills, I guess.

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