Izzat so

The trade union UCU Edinburgh says: “A reminder of UCU’s strong position in support of trans inclusion…Liberation cannot be built on exclusion.”

A union says liberation cannot be built on exclusion. Really? So unions have to include bosses and owners? Black liberation movements have to include white people? Free speech organizations have to include censors? Atheist groups have to include believers? Consumer groups have to include advertisers and PR firms? Democrats have to include Republicans and vice versa?

Horse shit. We get to organize, and campaign, and agitate, via particular parties and groups and institutions, which necessarily exclude people who don’t match the “particular” bit. Socialists don’t have to be inclusive of capitalists, and vice versa.

What does “trans inclusion” really mean? That women are required to include men as women upon being ordered to. (Also men are required to include women ditto? No, not really. It’s nearly always women who have to be bullied over this. For some reason it’s not so urgent to bully men over it.)

Well, we won’t. The more you push us to the angrier we get. You want dinosaurs? You’ll get dinosaurs.

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