Lack of mention

Science museum makes changes at the behest of science-denying loonies.

The Science Museum is set to alter its Boy or Girl? display following complaints over a “lack of mention of transgender”.

The museum in question is the science museum, just as it says in the name, the one in South Kensington, inspired by Dear Albert in the wake of the Great Exhibition. It matters, the way the one on Central Park West matters.

Curators will make changes to a gallery covering human biology in order to “update (the) non inclusive narrative”, it can be revealed. 

But science has nothing to do with being “inclusive” at the expense of being accurate. Science isn’t a club or a gang or a party, it’s a form of systematic inquiry and testing which creates bodies of knowledge. It’s not there to be “inclusive” for the sake of it.

A display on sex characteristics titled Boy or Girl? has received complaints “due to the lack of mention of transgender”, according to internal documents, and there are plans to make alterations to the exhibit which asks “how are boys and girls different?” … Boy or Girl? had previously been altered to remove a sign which stated “your X and Y chromosomes define your biological sex” following complaints in 2016.

X and Y are such non-inclusive letters.

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