Speaking of climate…Lake Oroville, 130 miles northeast of San Francisco.

The first photo is from 3 years ago. The 2nd photo was taken April 27 2021. The 3rd was taken last week.

May be an image of nature and body of water

KQED July 23:

California has descended deep into one of the worst droughts in its recorded history. And perhaps no single location shows more starkly how deep that really is than Lake Oroville, the state’s second-largest reservoir and a crucial source of water supply for the state’s farm and city water users alike.

San Francisco-based Getty Images photographer Justin Sullivan has been visiting the lake off and on since the driest days of our last severe drought, in 2014.

“Lake Oroville provided the most stunning and visible evidence of loss of water” during that five-year drought, Sullivan said in an interview with KQED Friday.

It’s the same now, with much of the reservoir’s shockingly barren floor exposed. Adding to the effect around parts of the lake: the charred skeletons of trees burned during last summer’s North Complex fires.

Situation normal: all fucked up.

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