I think I’m pretty conformist and orthodox on the whole Covid precautions issue, including the parts that are about not infecting other people as opposed to avoiding being infected myself. But I don’t know…

This aft I was walking down a side street and a woman pulling a grocery cart hove into view at the corner, and stopped to put a mask on. I kind of wondered “Mask?” because I was the only person in sight, but oh well – but then as the distance between us shrank she snarled at me: “I’d cross the street but my house is right there” – pointing ahead. For a second I thought she was joking but then I realized – cross the street?? Because one person is on the same side as she is, with plenty of room for us to avoid each other? So I turned to watch her as she passed me, and she snarled again “Whatever” and then some steps later “Idiot.”

??? There is no general outdoor mask mandate now. Crowded outdoor events, yes, but just being outside, no. As I say, there was NO ONE else in sight – it wasn’t crowded. Also I’m vaxxed and she almost certainly is too.

I kind of felt like running after her and smacking her on the back of the head, but I didn’t.

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