No, it’s the eggs

None so blind as those who will not see.

Yes, fgm and female infanticide are things done to female people because of “gendered ideas” but those ideas are about female people as opposed to male people. They are rooted in the sex of both. Female “purity” and male ownership of that “purity” exist because the female people gestate the babies.

In a different world, where girls and women were bigger and stronger than boys and men, the ownership of the gestational person wouldn’t work the same way. It would have to be a consensual form of ownership, which wouldn’t be ownership but loyalty or devotion. But we don’t live in that world, sadly, so girls and women are subject to control and violence while men and boys are trained to see them as sluts and whores and rebellious witches. All of that is because girls and women are that subordinate sex that gestates the babies. Men can transition until they turn blue but it won’t make them that subordinate sex that gestates the babies.

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