Not just a meaningless blip

Yes, Virginia, this could be the new normal, and yes it is scary.

The dangerous heat wave enveloping the Pacific Northwest is shattering weather records by such large margins that it is making even climate scientists uneasy.

You mean especially. Not even, but especially.

Infrastructure, including heating and cooling, is built according to expectations of a “normal” climate. Human-caused climate change is quickly redefining that normal, while dramatically raising the likelihood of events that simply have no precedent.

All the air conditioners are running practically nonstop. Does that put a strain on the electricity grid? Gee, I wonder.

“Because of the fact that climate change has made heatwaves like this much more likely and intense, we might very well reach the tipping point of what our infrastructure and other societal systems are able to deal with,” Friederike Otto, of the University of Oxford, told Axios.

Roads are buckling here too, some so badly that they have to be closed.

“If our decision makers do not take this heat wave as a harbinger of things to come and act quickly to adopt the climate change policies we all know are needed, I fear for the future of humanity,” Jean Flemma, an oceans policy expert living in Portland, told Axios on Sunday.

Sure sure but meanwhile lets panic about Critical Race Theory some more.

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