Oh go weaponize yourself

NPR should be better than this.

“Detransition narratives” they say – but I bet they don’t talk about “transition narratives.” I bet their internal editor would tell them “that’s transphobic!!!” before they even finished typing it. Detransition is a fairy tale, but transition is glorious and healthy and never fails to make everything perfect.

In short, NPR has decided that trying to “change sex” is a good and wise thing to do, and that being skeptical of that view is evil and forbidden. Why? Why has NPR decided that?

Also note the “weaponized against trans people” bit. It’s not “weaponized against arm-having people” to say that amputating your arms for no reason would not be a good idea. It’s not “weaponizing” against anyone to point out that humans can’t change sex, and that trying to change the obvious physical markers of sex is probably futile and quite likely to cause problems.

Also detransition doesn’t “belong to” anyone, and the people who have experience of it aren’t trans any more, so why should they be shoved aside by people who think detransition is a “weapon”?

There is so much dishonest manipulative language in this movement that it should be obvious to onlookers that it’s not the broad sunlit path to happiness it’s cracked up to be.

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