Our awareness is still low

But have we been paying enough attention to the nons? People who aren’t a thing are people too you know! The BBC helps out by paying deep solemn reverent attention to those thrilling misunderstood long-neglected insufficiently advertised people the Aze.

In the UK, our awareness of asexuality – the experience of not feeling sexual attraction towards others – is still low.

Well it would be, wouldn’t it. It’s not generally something we need to know about other people, nor is it generally something other people need to know about us. Not feeling X towards other people is mostly just a personal [whatever] and thus not of general interest.

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to grasp that our personal tastes or habits or quirks or indifferences are not of general interest. They’re not the kind of thing you can build a politics around, even an identity politics, and they’re not the kind of thing you can build a news story around, either. They don’t make a “community.”

poll of over 1,000 UK adults in 2019 suggests that three-quarters of them were incapable of correctly defining asexuality.

And that doesn’t matter, because there’s not really anything to define. Lack of interest in sex is just that.

So what is asexuality?

It’s a spectrum of experiences and identities. Some asexuals don’t experience romantic feelings, but others do.

What is the BBC doing publishing this teenagery nonsense? Nobody cares.

We get a whole tedious list of definitions, as if we were leaving for Camp Wokamonga tomorrow and needed to know what to pack.

■ Gray-sexual: Someone who identifies with the area between asexuality and sexuality.

Oh shut up.

For the AVEN [the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network] though, it is clear that the number of people identifying with the term worldwide has been growing. “The most noticeable thing is that new communities are emerging all the time,” says Michael Doré, their spokesperson.

Because people like you babble about this horseshit and because adult institutions like the BBC for some reason publish your babbling. It’s not because there’s anything there.

“Today, the online ace community is represented on social media, Facebook and Discord. There are organisations in many different countries around the world, including outside the Anglosphere. Year on year, we’ve had a steady increase of members joining AVEN.”

Then we get three people’s self-admiring accounts of themselves, which I didn’t read because I want to continue to have the will to live.

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