Pause the men

They what?

Yesterday it emerged the Labour Party had suspended the membership of Gil House pending investigation for allegedly engaging in prejudicial conduct that was “grossly detrimental to the party”. Gil’s crime? Insisting that “only women experience the menopause”.

Perhaps the Labour Party was confused by the name? Perhaps they think it’s only men who experience the menopause because look it says it right there, men o pause. It’s a pause that men do. Could that be what the Labour Party was thinking? Because that would be less stupid than…

So the Labour Party has decided to be the Stupid Party. It’s impossible to dignify this insulting nonsense with anything less crude than STUPID. Punishing someone for saying only women experience menopause is as stupid as saying no one knows why some people are men and some people are women and anybody who says they do know is a liar.

This utterly bonkers row is causing huge internal upset. One embarrassed Labour source blasted the party’s position on Trans issues stating:

“UK Labour rules, unlike the actual law, are based on gender and not sex – therefore they go behind the law, or as they would like the law, just like Stonewall does.”

Gil House, a loyal Labour Party member who was planning to stand as a councillor, has now resigned from the party.

You couldn’t make it up.

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