Quick, draw up the open letter!

Oh good, Ichikawa the Good has a new Open Letter in the works. Of course he does.

Dear philosophers, it’s a disgrace that Stock got an honour, we must support our darling beloved fragile trans siblings at all costs and drive transphobic philosophers out of the profession entirely, yours, Jon the Pious.

I know, that’s why I said what a patronizing self-important smug goon he is here, instead.

It seems to be pretty normal for Jonathan Ichigawa at least. His level of smugness would break the smugness meter if there were such a thing.

Brian Leiter calls him smarmy.

Professor Antony Duff (emeritus, Stirling), a distinguished philosopher of law, sent me the letter, with this apt observation:

The draft “open letter”┬áis of course disgraceful, though quite unsurprising, given its author(s), but I was particularly struck by the request that I not “pass on the details of this invitation, or this letter, for the time being”: I’m not sure whether to find this conspiratorial tone, with its suggestion of a risky attempt to fight back against oppressors from whom the plans for resistance must be kept secret, pathetic or sinister.

I can predict at least three dozen of the first signatories, as I’m sure any reader who has been following this nonsense can do as well.


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