Picking at its complexities and difficulties

In other news, the event involving Kathleen Stock went ahead.

Happy to report that talk went ahead without incident. Turns out 6.3k likes for no-platforming campaign translates to 5 individual emails sent against me; meanwhile 3 emails were sent in support, one of which had over 300 signatures. (Thank you so much to all who wrote & signed).

I did. There were over 300 I think.

Being Human Festival has details on the subject matter and participants:

Diversity has become a divisive issue in today’s society. In this debate philosophers at the front line will be picking at its complexities and difficulties. What are the different forms of diversity? Why do they matter? Should we be promoting or managing diversity? Should we even be reducing it in the name of greater cohesion?

For this year’s Royal institute of Philosophy debate the antagonistic for/against format will be abandoned and instead speakers have been invited to have a more collaborative discussion in which increased mutual understanding matters more than winning. In an increasingly polarised society, people need to be brought together more than ever. Confirmed speakers include Tommy J. Curry, Onora O’Neill and Kathleen Stock with the BBC’s Ritula Shah as the chair.

Sounds interesting, to me, and well done dropping the tedious antagonistic for/against format, which I’ve never found interesting.

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