R U sexoffenderphobic?

The Telegraph:

Male-born sex offenders who self-identify as women can be placed on female-only NHS wards, hospital trusts have said in guidance.

Devon, Oxford and Nottinghamshire hospitals all tell staff that a criminal history should be part of a risk assessment when placing male-born people on female-only wards, but do not say it is a bar to admission.

There’s a funny thing going on here…Men can be placed on women-only wards, but women can’t. Men can request women-only but women have to put up with women and men who claim to be trans.

I’m not sure that’s entirely fair.

It comes as The Telegraph has found that NHS Trusts across the country have issued guidance that says patients should be admitted based on the gender they identify with and therefore can choose which ward, lavatory and shower facilities they use.

Which means that women can’t choose. “Women-only please.” “We don’t cater to TERFs here, bitch.”

Some trusts have labelled those patients who express discomfort as transphobic, compared them to racists in official guidelines and ordered staff to report them to police for hate crimes.

But all they’re doing is choosing women-only wards, which you just said

Until 2019, one hospital group instructed medics to withdraw treatment if a female patient refused to accept a physically intact male on women-only wards.

They what???????????

Dr Jane Hamlin, president of the Beaumont Society, a trans support group, said: “If anyone starts off with an assumption that a trans person is a sex offender – or even a potential sex offender – that is discrimination and transphobia.”

The hell it is. Trans women are men, and men are potential sex offenders when it comes to protecting vulnerable women. That’s the whole point. It’s not that all men are, it’s that men are the ones who potentially are. There’s a reason parents tell their daughters not to get into a car if a man they don’t know invites them to.

Devon Partnership NHS Trust says that patients “will be admitted based on the gender which they identify as at the point of admission” and it will not be based on physical characteristics or the person proving they have legally changed their gender or name, as they claim this is illegal.

It states that risk assessments must be carried out but indicate that this does not prevent male-born sex offenders being placed on a female-only ward.

“Where a transgender woman is admitted and has a history of sex offending, decisions regarding risk should include consideration of whether they are being prescribed anti-libidinal medication that would be expected to reduce sexual risk,” the document states.

Oh would it, well that’s fine then. It would be expected to but hey it might not but that’s fine, because it’s the feelings of the sex offending man who says he is a woman that count. Nothing else matters, especially not the safety and peace of mind of a bunch of stupid women.

Oxford states that “if the service user has a sex-offending history, risk should be managed in the same way as it would be with any other client, irrespective of gender”.

Right, because sex-offending is notoriously gender-neutral. No difference in the stats at all. In fact women probably do it more, because they’re such good liars.

When hospitals were ordered to eliminate mixed-sex wards more than a decade ago, patients were hopeful it would mean that they would have privacy and dignity during a difficult time.

But hahaha no it was all a trick.

But since then female patients have been accused of hate crimes, placed in seclusion and even threatened with their treatment being withdrawn for questioning why men who self-identify as women are placed in single-sex accommodation.

TERFs should just die.

Dr Lucy Griffin, a frontline clinician, has warned MPs and peers that doctors “are really worried about the toolkits that have gone out within individual organisations largely about things like single-sex wards”.

“Some of them are so punitive,” she said. “One organisation is suggesting that any woman who objects to a male on a single-sex ward is put in seclusion, as in a psychiatric setting.”Other policies state that trans people have “equal access” to single-sex facilities, which includes “male or female-only support groups”…

And the extra problem with that is, a man who goes along with that policy is a shitty human being, and who the fuck wants to be in a bed next to or a support group with a fake woman who is a shitty human being? It takes a real sadist and egomaniac to force himself on women in a hospital in that way, so how can it possibly be fair to force such men on women who are ill?

[D]espite acknowledgement of the risks, the documents suggest that any patients who question the decision will be treated as “bigots”, a practising nurse who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals has said.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust states that “concerns alone are insufficient” to justify moving wards, adding: “Just as the Trust will not adapt practice in light of Racist concerns expressed as discomfort, so the Trust will not adapt practice in light of Transphobic concerns expressed as discomfort.”

It’s not the same thing.

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