They’ve got to stop doing this. News from CP24:

A woman is facing charges after she allegedly sexually assaulted a child in a Toronto park two months ago and police believe there may be other victims.

What woman? This “woman”:

Police have charged Ruby Eby, 33, of Toronto, after a six-year-old boy was sexually assaulted in May. (Toronto Police Service)

Just stop.

According to police, a six-year-old boy attended the Walter Saunders Park, near Dufferin Street and Eglinton Avenue West, on May 20. At that time, the boy was sexually assaulted, police said.

How would a woman even go about sexually assaulting a six-year-old boy? What would that even mean? For a man it’s all too obvious how.

In a news release issued on Tuesday, police said investigators believe there may be other victims.

But they will have trouble finding the perp, because they’re looking for a woman.

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