See Bob wave

The Pioneer Plaque…

Not really transphobic, because hey, it doesn’t say who is which or how anyone identifies.

Anyway. Ignoring Satiria’s satir, I’m mildly intrigued by the image. It was launched in March 1972. It’s a little odd that they chose that nice young couple from Connecticut to represent all of humanity. No infants, no children, no old crocks, and no people from Shanghai or Kolkata or Mombasa.

Also, down to finer detail…it’s only the man who is doing something, the woman is just standing there passively. The man stands solidly while the woman is pointing her toe for no apparent reason. Advertisers do this – if a woman’s bare feet are visible in an ad she has to be pointing them. No relaxed neutral-position feet for them, no sir, it’s ballet-style pointing or gtfo. And then the hair – since the intended audience is Beings From Spaaaaaaace you’d think the plaque-makers could have put a little more thought into the hair. Also the raised hand is out of proportion; it’s as big as his head.

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