Sorry if you don’t like all this punching

This guy is very hostile to women.

It is of course in no way “a logical consequence” of Allison Bailey’s view that humans can’t change sex that “a lot of people die.” All people die, and Allison Bailey’s entirely familiar and everyday view that men are not women isn’t going to hasten that (also familiar and everyday and biological reality-based) fact.

Note the radical change from “the logical consequence [of her advocacy and views] is that a lot of people die” and “helping to cause the possible deaths of trans people.” The first claim is that Allison’s advocacy and views will necessarily and certainly result in the death of a lot of people, while the second claim is that they help cause possible deaths. The second claim walks back the first at three points: help cause, possible, and the omission of “a lot of” before “people.” Is Kaveney too stupid even to notice the difference? Or too sly to acknowledge it? I don’t know, but he’s a piece of work either way.

So male, that aggression coupled with righteous certainty. Forget about the clothes and makeup and wig, Roz, and focus on the entitlement and misogyny.

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