Speaking up for women is controversial?

The NZ Herald reports on the official bullying of a feminist group:

Lower Hutt’s Mayor has apologised after saying controversial group Speak Up For Women could hold one of their events in a council waste bin.

“Controversial” group aka feminist group.

Also he didn’t really apologize.

Meanwhile, one of the group’s billboards has been taken down from one of Go Media’s central Wellington sites.

That is, misogynist bullies got it taken down.

These developments come on the same day as Wellington City Council will light up the Michael Fowler Centre in the colours of the transgender flag timed for when the group holds an event there.

In other words deliberately timed to spit in the faces of feminist women and women in general.

Recently the High Court ruled one of the group’s events should be allowed to go ahead at Palmerston North City Library, after the council cancelled the booking.

The judge said the group “cannot rationally be described as a hate group”.

The city council canceled an event at the library? That seems very high-handed, and grotesquely so when you know it’s a feminist group that was canceled. The war on women is getting more and more blatant.

Dunedin and Christchurch city councils have previously refused to allow the group to hold meetings in public facilities, but following the court decision a meeting at Auckland’s Town Hall went ahead as planned.

Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry posted on Facebook last week saying: “If this group needs a venue in the Hutt, I’ve got some nice new waste bins they can use?”

Because that’s what women defending women’s rights deserve, is it? Being told by a mayor to hold their meetings in garbage cans?

Today Barry apologised if Speak Up For Women felt offended by his comment.


Is there any ambiguity about whether or not “hold your meeting in a garbage can” is meant to be offensive?

He said the right to meet, speak and debate was important and his comment was in response to some supporters of the group making “derogatory and harmful comments” towards transgender people.

“In terms of my beliefs, I do not support the views of this group and the harm that members within it promulgate.”

Except that they don’t promulgate “harm.”

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