That appropriately balances the rights

Fair Play for Women on the fad for putting a few men in women’s prisons:

In July 2019 a specialist unit was opened on the Downview women’s prison estate to house high-risk transgender prisoners. We obtained the Equality Impact assessment through a Freedom of Information Request. The document is now available to view here: Equality Analysis Document E Wing Version 16.0 for publication.

‘E-wing’ was the solution to a problem of where to accommodate high-risk male prisoners who have acquired a GRC and so need to be treated as “female for all purposes”. Some of these prisoners are dangerous sex offenders who under normal circumstance would be considered too high-risk to mix with women. But the MOJ decided that their GRC meant they had to be treated differently from the trans prisoners without a GRC.

In other words the MOJ decided that their GRC mattered more than the safety of female prisoners. That’s a deeply weird thing to decide.

An operational need to find a long-term solution that appropriately balances the rights of men who say they are women and the rights and safety of the female prisoners. Just look at that. Women have to compromise on their rights and safety because a small subset of men says it Identifies As women. Real women have to give up their rights and safety because some men are pretending to be women.

They might as well just give up altogether. They might as well just say women have to “appropriately balance” their rights with the rights of violent abusive men at home and at work and on the street and everywhere else because the violent abusive men say so.

It is then confirmed on page 5 that the MOJ considers trans prisoners are “required to be located in the women’s estate because they hold a GRC”. No acknowledgement of the single-sex exemptions that enable males to be excluded from female-only spaces, even if they do have a GRC.

“Given the need to advance equality and eliminate discrimination” – against men who say they are women, that is. Plain ordinary boring actual women, the ones who just are women, don’t matter. There’s no need to advance their equality or eliminate discrimination against them. They have been moved to the class “Karens” for ease of forgetting. The only women who matter now are the male ones.

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