The gun party

Remember Lauren Boebert’s insulting tweet to David Hogg?

She got a lot of heat for it. No doubt she will transform the heat into energy for her vampire evil.

Boebert faced widespread outrage and calls to resign following her tweet. Many pointed out her role in promoting baseless election fraud rhetoric that incited supporters of former President Donald Trump to storm the U.S. Capitol.

That incited supporters of Trump to smash their way into the Capitol in order to “execute” selected Democrats and install Trump as absolute ruler. This wasn’t a group of over-excited college kids, it was a mob of heavily armed adults intent on violent insurrection in aid of a lawless conscienceless wannabe dictator.

Hogg attributed his non-reactionary stance during the incident to Greene’s mentions of her gun ownership and concealed carry permit.

“Sorry I was a little more worried about [Marjorie Taylor Greene] not shooting my friends and staff with her concealed gun she was threatening us with than responding to your evil twin,” the gun violence survivor said. “It’s a little thing called deescalation you probably haven’t heard of it.”

If she has heard of it she thinks it’s for pussies.

Democrat Jason Crow, who represents Colorado’s 6th district, tweeted: “In my experience, those who haven’t experienced the trauma of mass shootings usually talk the toughest. But the tough talk and bullying of survivors is the ultimate sign of weakness.”

Well, it’s the ultimate sign of moral and intellectual weakness. Physically speaking I’m sure Boebert is very muscular, but as a human she might as well be a pool of spit.

A pro-gun Trump supporter, Boebert kicked off her career in Congress by allegedly setting off a Capitol metal detector and refusing to comply with police following the January 6 attack on the building.

The congresswoman, who owns a restaurant that permits staff to openly carry weapons, had previously announced her intention to carry a firearm in Congress.

Guns guns guns guns, force violence blood guts bang bang bang. Let’s just skip all this talk and reasoning and negotiation and analysis and just go all in on the violence.

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