The joys of being a woman

A pretty story:

A former Met Police counter-terrorism officer has admitted using spy cameras to secretly film naked models.

What kind of models?

Pretending to be a pilot, Det Insp Neil Corbel arranged fake photoshoots in hotel rooms, flats and Airbnbs.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard he hid devices in tissue boxes, phone chargers, an air freshener and glasses to video his victims.

He was caught after a woman became suspicious of a digital clock and found it was a spy camera.

Oh a woman – that kind of model. I wonder if he asked them how they identified first.

Police found images of some 51 women on Corbel’s hard drive and were able to identify 19 victims willing to make statements against him.

51! He’s industrious about it.

“He set up the rooms well in advance with covert devices planted in strategic places capturing the women while they were undressing before the shoots,” said the prosecutor.

Mr Alabi said Corbel manoeuvred the models so that intimate parts of their bodies were filmed.

Uh huh; right up between the legs, no doubt.

Never mind, they were probably all Karens.

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