The university’s definition of misconduct

Student being investigated for stating basic facts.

A law student who said that women have vaginas and are not as physically strong as men is being investigated by her university.

Investigated why? For doing what? What is there to investigate?

Disciplinary action is being taken against Lisa Keogh, 29, over “offensive” and “discriminatory” comments that she made during lectures at Abertay University, Dundee.

The mature student was reported by younger classmates after she said women were born with female genitals and that “the difference in physical strength of men versus women is a fact”. The complaints have prompted a formal investigation into her conduct.

Why? Why have the complaints prompted a formal investigation? Where the fuck are the grownups?

Keogh, a final-year student, fears that any sanction could end her dream of becoming a human rights lawyer. Her case is being backed by Joanna Cherry QC, the SNP MP for Edinburgh South West and deputy chairwoman of the Lords and Commons joint committee on human rights, who described the situation as farcical.

Who is more likely to do a good job of being a human rights lawyer, a woman who knows that women have vaginas and are not as physically strong as men or people who think those two statements are reportable and punishable offenses?

The university’s definition of misconduct includes “using offensive language” or “discriminating against gender reassignment”. Punishment can be as harsh as expulsion.

What is “discriminating against gender reassignment”? What can that mean?

Keogh, a mother of two, fears for her future. “I don’t come from a legal background and have worked incredibly hard to get to where I am,” she said.

Yes but being a cis woman cancels all that out.

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