Turning too sharp

The people who get elected to Congress these days

At about midnight four years ago, restauranteur Lauren Boebert, in her words, “turned too sharp,” and rolled her truck into a ditch near her home in Rifle, Colorado. She faced a careless driving and unsafe vehicle charges, and a court date was set for three months later.

Not an uncommon slip-up on rural roads at night. But Boebert, who’s now a Republican candidate for Congress, never showed up for her court hearing on October 5, 2016, according to records obtained by the Colorado Times Recorder from Colorado’s 9th Judicial District.

Now, nine months after the article appeared, she’s in Congress.

So there was a warrant for her arrest. The court sent her a nice letter explaining it all and telling her how to fix it by mail – she didn’t even have to show up physically! But she blew that off too.

After apparently ignoring the court’s letter, Boebert was arrested four months later, on Feb. 13, 2017, fingerprinted, photographed, and fined $100. The following month, she appeared in court, as ordered, and the matter was settled in a plea bargain, dropping the careless driving charge.

There was another arrest.

When arrested in 2015 for disorderly conduct, Boebert warned deputies at the time that she had “friends at Fox News.”

One deputy wrote that Boebert was “trying to get subjects to leave the custody of law enforcement,” according to the police report. Some of these “subjects” were detained for underage drinking. (Find the police report, with the deputy’s full description of Boebert’s behavior, here.)

Isn’t she just a character?

Newsline pointed out that Boebert recently criticized protesters for not respecting the law. “Civil order, rule of law, respect, and decency need to be restored!!!” Boebert tweeted June 23, as quoted by Newsline.

And today she’s been…criticizing.

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