Two Humanists of the Year retort

This happened:

I think there are some complications skipped over in the letter. I think “reason requires that a diverse range of ideas be expressed and debated openly, including ones that some people find unfamiliar or uncomfortable” is true in its way but it steps around some of those complications. I don’t think that reason requires diverse ideas such as “women are stupid” “Jews should be eradicated” “black people should be enslaved” “lesbians and gays are an abomination and should be stoned to death” to be expressed and debated openly. I think the claim is a little bit more limited than that. It’s difficult to spell it all out, but I think it’s a mistake to skip over it, especially in cases like this, precisely because the ideologues and enforcers of the trans dogma absolutely think “men are not women” belong in that category. I think they’re drastically wrong about that, but we can’t argue the point if we step around it instead of spelling it out.

That said, though, I’m glad they did this letter. I’m a huge fan of Rebecca’s, and have email-interviewed her a couple of times for B&W, here in 2005 and here in 2014.

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