We should focus on the real threats

The Express reports:

Nicola Sturgeon has come under fire after saying some women’s concerns were “not valid” in a debate about reforming the Gender Recognition Act (GRA).

The First Minister made the comments in regards to plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act which is currently in place in Scotland. In an interview with the BBC, Ms Sturgeon had suggested people should focus instead on the “real threats” to the safety of women.

A number of critics have pointed out that there could be an increased risk of harm to girls or women from predatory men [if the GRA is changed to make “gender recognition” easier] as they may be able to take advantage of the lack of checks which would normally restrict access to single-sex spaces like women’s toilets or hospital wards.

In other words men would be able to invade women’s spaces more easily.

Speaking about the plans to reform the Act, Ms Sturgeon said: “Gender recognition reform is about changing an existing process to make it less degrading, intrusive and traumatic for one of the most stigmatised minorities in our society.”

Who says they’re one of the most stigmatised? People say that over and over and over and over but what reason is there to think it’s true? At this point it’s more of a very stale advertising slogan than a truth-claim.

And maybe they’re stigmatised partly because of this determination to do what they want regardless of women’s safety. Maybe some of them should be stigmatised, for being selfish narcissistic bullies.

Also women can be quite stigmatised, for being women. I thought that had gone out of fashion decades ago, until having an opinion on the internet taught me otherwise. There are plenty of people (mostly men) ready to let fly with the “cunt!!” and “bitch!!” the instant they find themselves feeling irritable at some opinion-having cunt-haver.

“We should focus on the real threats to women, not the threats that, while I appreciate that some of these views are very sincerely held, in my view, are not valid.”

Concerns about a man in the hospital bed next to you are not valid, but concerns about the stigmatisation of trans people are. Why? Why isn’t physical risk a valid concern?

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, trans philosopher professor Sophie-Grace Chappell said: “There’s going to be a crimewave of dreadful homosexual murders…

“It’s going to be awful if we do that.”

He also said it doesn’t matter if there’s a surge in violence against women. Why didn’t the Express mention that part?

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