Shit journalism in action

The BBC finds another bus to drive over Rosie Duffield:

A Labour MP wants a meeting with Sir Keir Starmer to clarify where the party stands on transgender issues.

Rosie Duffield, who has clashed with campaigners over her views on self identification for trans people, said the party’s position was unclear.

But a senior Labour MP said it was “being used as a wedge issue” when the party should be focused elsewhere.

She’s just a stupid junior MP who should be ignored, yeah?

Canterbury MP Ms Duffield has regularly used social media to outline her own position on transgender issues.

She believes that biological females should have protected spaces where biological males are not allowed to go, such as domestic violence refuges and prisons, and she is against people being able to self-identify as trans to gain access to those spaces.

I think that’s wrong. The issue isn’t people being able to self-identify as trans, it’s being able to self-identify as the other sex when doing so encroaches on women’s rights. I don’t think anybody objects to people being able to self-identify as trans.

Ms Duffield has said she is “completely supportive of trans rights”, but she has been condemned by some LGBT+ groups for her position – which say trans men and women should be treated the same as biological men and women – as well as for endorsing controversial tweets on the issue.

Explains the BBC, eager to make sure we really get why the BBC wants to call her a terf without using the word.

And two of her staff members resigned from her office over her views.

A senior Labour MP, who did not want to be identified, told the BBC they were frustrated with the “oxygen” being given to the subject, calling it “a stupid, pointless, manufactured row about rights” that was distracting from the issues that needed debating.

They added: “Let’s talk about how every single trans person awaiting NHS treatment is having their rights to see a specialist in 18 weeks under the NHS constitution breached, for example, rather than whether Rosie Duffield thinks everyone should have their genitals and chromosomes checked to go to the toilet.”

Notice how much more space is given to this unnamed senior MP compared to the space given to Duffield. Notice the contempt in that last sentence.

They then give a crappy unfair slanted “analysis” starting with this shit:

Rosie Duffield has taken a stance on an emotive topic that gives rise to controversy, around people’s identities, the right to self-identify and gain access to certain spaces.

But is there any mention of controversy around women’s safety, the right to recognize a man when we see one, and the right to refuse to throw women’s spaces open to men? No there is not. All the emotive and the controversy and the rights are on the trans side, and women defending our rights are just stupid cruel bitches who should shut up.

And I’m tired of reading this bilge so I’m stopping.

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