Somebody liked something

Pink News is trying hard to punish a woman MP who says that only women are women.

LGBT+ Labour are calling for Rosie Duffield to lose the whip and be suspended from the party after an alleged “pattern of LGBT-phobic behaviour” from the Canterbury MP.

Yes the pattern is “alleged” all right, and the allegation is false.

LGBT+ Labour’s statement comes after Duffield liked a tweet by Kurtis Lemaster yesterday (25 July) that stated the word “queer” is being reclaimed by “heterosexuals cosplaying as the opposite sex and as ‘gay’”.

Why would that be a reason to remove the whip and suspend her from the party? They don’t say.

Rosie Duffield’s history of anti-trans activity

That is, her history of saying things Pink News doesn’t like.

The row began at the start of August 2020, when Rosie Duffield insisted that “only women have a cervix” and doubled down on accusations of transphobia by labelling the backlash against her comments a “tedious Communist pile-on”.

Well guess what, only women have a cervix. Men don’t have a cervix. Women don’t have testicles. If saying that is a reason to suspend people from the Labour party that party is not fit for purpose.

PinkNews has contacted the Rosie Duffield, who has repeatedly denied she is transphobic, for comment.

Pink News is a sewer.

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