Progress with Rosie

Summons a lot of memories, this does.

Heather Peto is a man who identifies as a woman. It’s classic the way men who identify as women tip their hands by being so comfortable and at home with bullying women. Heather here takes it for granted that he gets to tell Rosie Duffield MP what to do and even – and especially – WHAT TO THINK. That’s the bit that especially summons memories, that telling women what to think and the bullying when they refuse to be told.

Heather Peto’s profile says “LGBT-Labour Co-Chair (she/her).” That makes it sound (or at least it did to me) as if it’s a branch of the Labour party, but (I looked it up) it’s an independent group allied to Labour. It’s not in any way the boss of Rosie Duffield MP.

Anyway – that patronizing de haut en bas “Each time we thought we had made progress with Rosie by explaining” just makes me bristle with rage. I’m not the only one.

And many more.

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