What is being mandated

Yes but it’s even worse than that. It mandates the recognition of other people’s subjective individuality. How the hell are we supposed to be able to do that? How can we recognize something internal to someone else? We can’t; it’s literally impossible, impossible by definition.

We try to do that up to a point with people we have some connection to – with friends, family, colleagues. We take their word for it that they feel X, in general, unless we have good reasons not to. But that’s all we’re doing – taking their word for it. Their feelings remain internal, as do ours. We can’t literally “recognize” something hidden.

And as for total strangers, as for the world at large – we are under no obligation to take their word for it. None, zip, zero. We can’t “recognize” it and we’re not required to declare belief in it. The whole idea is literally nonsensical.

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