More than a little miffed

Suzanne Moore on Rosie Duffield and All That:

So forgive me, if when I read that Rosie Duffield cannot go to the Labour Party conference because her safety cannot be guaranteed, I am more than a little miffed. Luciana Berger had to have police escorts at conference as she was Jewish.  What a welcoming era the Corbynites created!

Duffield has actually done two crimes now that are virtually interchangeable in the Labour ranks. In 2018 she attend a rally . Enough is Enough , a rally against anti-Jewish racism. All Labour MPs should have been there, only a few were.

The second is that she thinks that “only women have a cervix”. Crazy lady !!!  She also thinks  male-bodied people should not enter female only spaces simply  because they identify as women.

Iss transphobia innit.

As a female MP was murdered, I am astonished at Keir Starmer’s silence and appalled that many female MPs who I respect, dare not speak out. Why? Because they will come for you if you defend Duffield? Listen, they will come for you anyway.

“Transphobia” is now a conduit for the hatred of women to dress itself up as principled activism. For most of these fools, activism is insulting women on Twitter. Many of them are hardly big thinkers but happy to embrace an identity politics that is supremely individualistic and hyper-capitalist, the actual opposite of the socialism that they aspire to.

Wait you mean rabid individualism isn’t socialist? Who knew?!

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