“Amid a dispute”

Brilliant reporting. “Mouthy woman blows off conference because she’s a bitch.”

She “says she won’t attend her party conference”…is there something missing here? Oh yes, the threats! It doesn’t mention the threats!

It carefully doesn’t mention that she feels she can’t attend her party conference because of the threats against her.

And the blurb on the photo is downright flippant about it – she “skips” conference. What, she had to get her nails done that day?

And it hauls in the LGB part so that readers will be left with the impression that she’s homophobic.

And it refers to “trans rights” and “transgender rights” but says not a word about women’s rights.

And it refers to “trans rights” and “transgender rights” without explaining how very niche and peculiar and dubious those “rights” are – without explaining what a departure they are from more familiar rights, and what an intrusion they are on other people’s rights.

And it refers to “trans rights” and “transgender rights” without even saying what those rights are – leaving readers to conclude that Duffield thinks trans people shouldn’t have basic human rights that everyone else has, which is not the case at all.

It’s disgusting.

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