We’ve seen this before

Sums it up with great clarity.


2 / Either – – It’s OK if lesbians get assaulted. – OR: There is a priest class of human who uniquely amongst humans could never and would never abuse anyone (i.e. that those women are lying).

3/ – OR: The assaults did and do happen, but overall it is better to keep quiet for the sake of protecting a marginalised community. We’ve seen this before.

4/ When women and children reported abuse in the Catholic church, many felt that ‘christians don’t do that’, it was more important to not give the church a bad name etc. When rape was reported in the SWP those loyal to the party protected the party by blaming the victims.

5/ When abuse was first reported in Rotherham it was minimised, partly so as to not imply that Asian men would do that. People reporting a abuse by a Radio 1 DJ were also not initially believed etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

6/ Well here is the thing: abuse can happen in all communities. For each community it probably WAS really painful to look the truth in the face, but look we must. Each time the cycle repeats we all say ‘oh how terrible, we must believe women’.

7/ then each new time there is either a silence or, as we have here, a backlash against the victims who speak out. Of course not all men. Not all catholics, not all trotskyists, not all Asian men in Rotherham, not all radio 1 DJs, and not all trans women. Of course. But some.

8/ This is NOTHING to do with anyone’s right to exist or human rights. Catholic rights are human rights, trotskyist rights are human rights, DJs rights are human rights, trans rights are human rights. Abusing women is not a human right. It is abuse.

9 / What happened to #MeToo? to #BelieveHer? Or does that not apply to lesbians? Does feminism not have to include lesbians because they are fair collateral damage? Or is a group of people so untouchable that they can never be accused of abuse or ill-doing?

10/ I can’t stomach the thought that anyone would throw these victims under the bus like the girls in Rotherham were, like the girls in the hospices were, like the children in the church were. #IStandWithLesbians.


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