What is really happening

SexMatters on that ruling:

The judgment, and the Ministry of Justice policy, use phrases like “transgender women” and “non-transgender women”; the “gender with which they identify”; and the “biological sex assigned to them at birth”.

This language obscures what is really happening. Male prisoners, including rapists, are being housed in women’s prisons, and female prisoners and prison officers are forced to pretend that these male people are women.

The language always obscures what is really happening. That’s what it’s for.

When the judges talk about “transgender women”, these are some of the people they are talking about:

https://transcrimeuk.com (from 2021/2020 convictions) 

That’s one of the three rows. Look at them all.

Currently, under the Gender Recognition Act 2004, being a convicted sex offender with a penis and testicles – and no intention of ever having them removed – is no impediment to a man qualifying for a certificate declaring him to be a woman. And the prison service’s policy is that, with or without a gender recognition certificate, a male prisoner can be housed in a women’s prison, subject to risk assessment.

It’s utterly disgusting.

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