What is wrong with the phrase?

Woman’s Place UK did a transcript of Andrew Marr’s conversation with Ed Davey, head of the Liberal Democrats.

Andrew Marr: Let’s try something else. Let’s talk about free speech. What is wrong with this phrase: ‘woman – adult human female’.

Ed Davey: Well, Liberal Democrats believe that trans rights are really important because trans people are some of the most discriminated against in our society today. Huge health problems, high suicide rate and I think everybody ought to worry about that. The real issue, I think, is the toxification of the debate. There was a time…

Two sentences in and already my hair is on fire. News flash: women are discriminated against too. Read up on rape, domestic violence, “kink” that results in a surge of women choked to death, pay differentials, attacks on abortion rights, and I could go on. Also are trans people really “some of the most discriminated against in our society today”? And are the statistics skewed by the presence of mental illness and other factors? In other words does Ed Davey actually know that “trans people are some of the most discriminated against in our society today” or is he actually thinking of people with mental health problems? Either way, why on earth does he think discrimination is a reason for doing everything trans activists say to do but not a reason for paying any attention to women at all? Why does he think all the “discrimination” and health problems and so on belong to trans people while none of them belong to women? And why does he think it’s ok for him to decide that?

AM: We’ve jumped from a phrase to Boris Johnson. I do want to come back to this phrase. What is wrong with the phrase? Can you explain to people watching what is wrong with the phrase ‘woman – adult human female’? What’s wrong with that?

ED: Well, I mean, you…the phrase doesn’t actually really encapsulate the debate to be honest. That’s what’s the problem with it. The issue that we have been really clear is that a trans woman is a woman, a trans man is a man and that is the issue that we’re fighting on.

Then they’re fighting on a stupid lie.

We believe trans rights are human rights

But what are “trans rights”? Trans people should have human rights, obviously. What rights specific to trans people should they have? And why?

AM: I’m trying to keep off Boris Johnson at the moment and onto Ed Davey and the Liberal Democrats. Because the reason I keep using that phrase as I’m sure you know is that one of your members, Natalie Bird, has been banned from standing as a Liberal Democrat in any circumstances for ten years because she wore a T-shirt which had that slogan on it.

That “slogan” which is also a simple dictionary definition.

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