When you politely remind people

Now LP is complaining that some people are not impressed by her “reminder” that she has special luxury pronouns.

(Calling it a “reminder” is itself conceited and self-important, because it assumes the entire world was informed of her pronouns. [I see I’ve already “misgendered” her three times, only now it’s four – it wasn’t on purpose, it’s just automatic, which is one major reason I don’t do luxury pronouns: it’s way too much effort.] Not everyone was informed, not everyone is on the Laurie Penny News list.)

Media? Are tweets “the British media”? I think of “the media” as being professional, i.e. produced by people whose job it is. Twitter is just anybody who wants to say things saying things.

Because calling a person the name the person is called is a normal social thing to do, plus it’s right there on her tweets so if people are tweeting about her tweets there’s her name, right in front of them. It’s simple. Remembering not to call her “her” is not simple that way. As I said: it’s an effort.

It gives them something to talk about though. (Who? Them who? The people of pronoun.) Maybe that’s all there is to it – something to talk about, and a way to extort extra attention without having to be interesting.

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