Why do we have to believe?

The other thing about Alice Roberts’s dead people tweet [sorry Harald!] is that she’s right that the dead don’t come back to life, but then…why does she believe (or say she believes) that men do become women? Many are asking.

Ahhh yes, thank you for mentioning it. No beliefs should be beyond scrutiny and criticism! Including beliefs about whether or not men are women if they say so. And yet the belief that they are is pushed on all of us, often very hard, with insults and menaces and ostracism and terminated careers. What about that, Professor Roberts?

Ahhhh unscientific beliefs is it…like the belief that men are women if they say they “identify as” women. Imagine if your children said they identified as tigers and owls, not at age 4 but at age 15 or 20. Wouldn’t you see that as an unscientific belief?

Quite right, and skirts and high heels don’t make women.

Can you think of another damaging myth we push onto children, Professor Roberts? Because I can.

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