Why won’t [insert bitch name] stop talking?

What an extraordinary title:

J K Rowling keeps tweeting and we keep wondering why

Given how easy and humdrum and normal it is for people to “keep tweeting,” that amounts to saying JK Rowling keeps talking and we (who’s we?) keep wondering why. A man wondering why a woman keeps talking, and calling himself “we” to boot – it doesn’t get much more smugly contemptuous of women than that.

The bonus is that the man is Noah Berlatsky, who is a [cough] controversial sort of fella himself.

Harry Potter author J K Rowling responded in strong terms today to comments by Police Scotland about their approach to gender identity. Police Scotland said that the police would respect the gender self-identification of people accused of sexual assault, and a number of media outlets published details.

Ah that’s such a nice anodyne soothing way of putting it. No mention of women, no mention of rape, just vague “people” and “respect” for “gender identity.” What he means is, Police Scotland said trans women accused of rape would still be treated as if they were women. Rape is about the most un-woman thing a man can do, and the police are surely well aware of this, especially in the wake of the abduction, rape, and murder of Sarah Everard by a cop. The fetish of “respect” for “gender identity” should not be treated as more important than a woman who has been raped.

This stupid man goes on:

Rowling has an established history of tweeting “gender-critical” views which many view as transphobic. In particular, she has embraced longstanding stereotypes which frame trans women as perpetrators of violence and especially of sexual violence.

No she has not. The point is that rapists are men, whether they are trans or not. That’s not the same as “trans people are rapists.” Not even close. This is very basic stuff. An editor should have thrown it in his face to re-do.

She’s also argued that trans women should not be allowed in women’s bathrooms because they are not really women and are therefore a danger to cis women.

We get to argue that. We get to continue to keep women’s “bathrooms” [toilets] women-only.

Rowling — through her tweets, her advocacy and her fiction — seems to imagine a world in which trans women are privileged predators working with a compliant police force to assault innocent cis women. In fact, trans women are a small, marginalized, vulnerable minority, who face terrifying rates of sexual violence from, among others, the police who are supposed to help them.

This is stupid childish drivel. Nobody claims that trans women are all predators; that’s not the issue. The issue is that they’re men, and we shouldn’t be forced to treat them as women in all circumstances and settings.

If a police captain said that their officers were not allowed to use racial slurs against Jewish or Black people accused of violence, would Rowling object? I doubt it. Should police be encouraged to use misogynist slurs against women, cis or trans, who are accused of crimes? Of course not.

Even stupider. Bargain basement. Why did the Independent commission this?

It’s my belief that if Rowling really wanted to advocate for victims of violence, she would advocate for trans women, who are disproportionately victims.

As opposed to women?

What an utter fool.

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