Women? What about them?

Could anything go wrong?

Twelve trans prisoners convicted of violence or sexual crimes have been accommodated in Scottish women’s jails within the past 18 months, according to figures released under Freedom of Information laws.

The writing is annoyingly imprecise. Are the trans prisoners male? Probably, but it’s important to make it clear. “Trans prisoners” does not make it clear.

A long-awaited review by the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) into Scotland’s transgender prison policy will consider ending the rare practice of transitioning male inmates demanding a move to female housing.

Only one of the prisoners had completed transition and the other 11 were self-identifying as female, it has emerged.

Finally we get clarity. We shouldn’t have to wait until the third paragraph (that second paragraph is a dog’s breakfast). 12 violent men have been placed in women’s prisons because the men demanded it. What a disgusting, contemptuous, misogynist policy.

Dr Kate Coleman, the director of the campaign group Keep Prisons Single Sex, urged prison bosses to take account of the impact on women of housing trans prisoners among them.

Why do they have to be urged to do that? Why isn’t it just standard practice? Why isn’t the reply to the men’s demands a swift and simple “No”?

According to the SPS, management of the risks involved in requests from trans prisoners to transfer to the female estate is through individual assessment.

Well it shouldn’t be. The answer to male (not “trans” but male) prisoners wanting to move to the female estate should be a blanket No.

The spokesman said: “All cases are treated on an individual basis and are risk-assessed through a multi-disciplinary case conference, transgender case conference supported by transgender policy.”

Fuck transgender policy. Have a policy for women. Put that first, because women are more vulnerable than men are. Don’t lock women up with men, because it’s not safe.

A spokesman for the SPS said: “One of the groups we will be particularly keen to consult is the female prison population, who have not been specifically consulted about this before.”

Jesus christ. These people are such idiots.

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