Your instructions

Bossy little shits at another university order everyone to be more twanz-incloosivv more of the time.

Students and staff at Leeds University have called on their vice-chancellor and senior employees to include gender pronouns when introducing themselves in meetings.

I call on those students and staff to sit down and shut up.

They also said that the vice-chancellor, Simone Buitendijk, should state her preferred gender pronouns in her email signature. Both measures are designed to show support for the transgender community.

The university was accused of having “a deeply entrenched culture of transphobia” in a letter signed by LGBT staff and student groups, as well as by the Leeds branch of the University and College Union (UCU).

Because people don’t “state” “their” pronouns. The stupidity is becoming overpowering.

I remember when fervent social justice students talked about farm workers, strikes, wars, the CIA, nuclear weapons, ecology, capitalism, women’s rights, lesbian and gay rights, prisoners, voting rights, city planning – real issues. Now their children are throwing endless tantrums over fucking pronouns. It’s beyond pathetic.

Among the other demands, the letter called for “an effective and fit-for-purpose pronouns policy to be enacted, to include our VC showing her support for the trans community by using pronouns in her email signature, and a culture which encourages the sharing of pronouns when, for example, in meetings and seminars”.

The world is cooking like a dinner, despots are swallowing country after country, the number of homeless people keeps rising – and we’re being lectured on fucking pronouns.

A number of universities have introduced training and guidance on transgender issues. Edinburgh University lecturers have been given a list of “micro-insults” to avoid, such as “I wanted to be a boy when I was a child”, it was reported last week.

So we’re not even allowed to talk about our own childhood fantasies about being the other sex. How does that work? How do these young Stalinists know we’re not just as gendery as they are? Why does their kind count while our kind doesn’t?

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